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  1. I just made the pancake batter and used 1 cup of almond milk plus the ACV- the batter is so thick I can barely stir it. I added in some extra almond milk just to loosen it up- but I really think the amount of liquid listed here isn’t correct- also reading another comment about them being gummy- I am imagining when I cook these the insides will not fully cook as it is wayyyyy tooo thick! Of course I will thin and try that, but so far it’s looking pretty rough 🙁

    1. Hi Teresa, I’m sorry to hear you’re not having much luck. Are you using almond flour? Did you change anything else in the recipe? It’s odd as I’ve made these many times and they’ve turned out well. My mum also loves them. I’ll add them to my list to make again in the next few days and see if there’s anything else I can pick up as to why the batter my be so thick. The inside should be cooked as they’re not that thick as you can see in the photos in the post.

      1. Ok- I did try cooking them and it just didn’t work- would love to know what is happening. I did use almond flour- the only think I changed was not using the water and instead adding in another 1/2 cup of almond milk and the apple cider vinegar. It was so super thick that it really couldn’t be stirred at all. UGh.

        1. I made them last night and they were as they should be. The batter is thick like a cake batter. They turned out fluffy and really nice. Did you use tapioca flour? How did you measure the ingredients? The resting time is also important but that will thicken the batter, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I’m really not sure where this could have gone wrong for you, sorry. It sounds like the quantities of the dry ingredients may be off?

        1. I’m so sorry they didn’t turn pout well! I’m not sure what could have gone wrong. Did you change anything in the recipe?