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  1. Query:- No 2. u dont say if u put the cut cabbage into “any water “ in the saucepan? I would assume u fill the saucepan with some water or is it a double saucepan & u steam the cabbage?

    1. Sorry for the confusion. You don’t add any water to the saucepan. It goes in dry. With the lid on, it will cook with the steam and the water that comes out of the cabbage. Only if it starts to stick, do you add a splash of water. If you’re still unsure, you can watch my video on it.

  2. My Jewish grandmother made this all the time with just a few more simple ingredients; caramelized mushrooms & onions, caraway seeds, dill, and a dollop of sour cream! HEAVEN!!! Its been 75 years, soon I’ll be with her. (Only farfalle pasta will do and it must be sautéed all together in the pan.) Mama, I’m getting hungry!!!

  3. Hi, I’m from Croatia and we make pasta with cabbage or (krpice sa zeljem, as we call it here 🙂 ). My mum makes it a bit differently but I like the method you use, letting the cabbage release the moisture first and oil later. I tried it today and I love it! I did do some small adjustments like adding a half a tablespoon of sugar to balance the bitterness of cabbage and since we usually fry cabbage after sautéing the onions, I did that too, but because I used your method I sautéed onions separately and added them to the cabbage when adding oil as well. It turned out great! Thank you for sharing your method I will continue using it for this dosh! ☺️
    Best wishes from Croatia!
    P.s I lived in Ljubljana for a few months during my exchange program and fell in love with it! 🥰

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing the changes you made and for the lovely review. I’m really happy you liked my method. Well, technically, it’s my dad’s! 😂 Oh, I miss Ljubljana so much. Hopefully will be going back again soon. Happy cooking!

  4. Oh my. It took everything in my power not to add more stuff to the simple recipe. I was convinced there is no way this is going to taste good because there’s not enough stuff in it. I was so happily wrong. I see why you make this a go to recipe. My husband, who is not vegan Loved it too. Thank you for sharing❤️

  5. Thanks so much for this lovely budget-friendly cabbage-pasta recipe, I love both!
    For a little more color, would it make a real difference if I would use 1/2 green cabbage & 1/2 red cabbage?
    I recently signed up with you and will be receiving your newsletter starting next Sunday. I also look forward to paging through the rest of your recipes on this lovely site.
    Cheers from Wisconsin in the Upper Midwest of the U.S.

    1. Hi Carol, welcome!
      It will be a little sweeter but won’t affect the flavour too much – just the colour 😊 I hope you love it!

  6. Have to say I was stunned by how good this tasted. Did it in a le creuset pot and will turn the heat down a little next time. Even though a bit frazzled it was delicious.

  7. Wow…I was not expecting to be so incredibly blown away by something so simple…and yet, I couldn’t stop eating this. I didn’t even know I liked cabbage before trying this! Life changing, ha! Thank you for sharing–definitely will become a regular staple!

    1. Yay! So happy to hear you loved it, Erin! It’s a pleasant surprise this dish 🙂 Thanks for the lovely review x

  8. Wow this was delicious! Received a giant Savoy cabbage in farm box this week and wasn’t sure what to do with it. This was perfect!

  9. Delicious
    I have just found out that cabbage pasta was a thing, about a week ago, and I finally got around to making it today. I love the simplicity of this recipe because it allows all sorts of variations. Anyway, absolutely delicious! Thank you for it. I will be making it again. 🙂

  10. I have now learned how to caramelize cabbage, thank you! This was very delicious and definitely now a staple here as well. 👍🏻🌸

  11. I love all your post your recipes are super delicious and you really explain things so well in a step-by-step manner. Today I tried making this cabbage pasta recipe for my family and everyone really loved it thank you so much for the efforts you take for us.

  12. I’m so glad I found this recipe. I’m trying to empty my fridge before a house move this weekend and wondered what on earth to do with half a cabbage and a single portion of pasta.
    Problem solved!

  13. Simple and delicious
    This was perfect for chilly days or days where you want some comfort food. Made it exactly as is and it turned out so delicious. Will be adding this to my go to meals.

  14. I ha e seen many type of recipe online it goes by the name haluski. Many of those recipes call for paprika so I did use that and used red cabbage which your recipe said is an option and that’s what I had. I just picked it from my garden yesterday still in excellent shape as they are so cold hardy!

  15. Interested to know if this dish can be frozen and could I use red cabbage in place if green . Please send pm thanks .

    1. Hi Norma, you certainly can use red cabbage instead of green. It won’t have the exact same flavour profile but it will still be very nice. I’ve never tried freezing it before myself, so, unfortunately, I can’t answer that from experience. I would say that it would be fine, however. Let me know how you go!

  16. So easy and delicious!! I will definitely add this to the roster. I topped it with my vegan parmesan cause why not!

  17. It really does work
    I made this with red cabbage. I was tempted to add garlic and coriander seeds but stuck to the recipe except I only added 2 tbs of oil instead of 3 and a very heaped tsp salt instead of a tbs. As it was a red cabbage I felt it would be smaller than a green cabbage and therefore the oil and salt required would be a little less and I could always add more if needed. I think the amount of salt and oil I used were fine. Probably could have had a little more oil but it was fine with just 2 tbs. I liked it very much and so did my sister but it feels a little weird to use so few ingredients. I think I’ll try with some garlic and coriander seeds next time although it really doesn’t need improving as you say. Also, because it was red cabbage you don’t actually see the caramelisation and even though you can taste it I kind of felt cheated at not being also able to see it which probably sounds dumb but there you go. Thank you for this interesting low-number-of-ingredients recipe. I’m grateful for the idea that you can cook vegetables first before you add oil. If you cook a vegetable to release its water and then add oil I can see that it can caramelise better. I’ll try this with other vegetables.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this recipe on the internet before! This is one of my favourite childhood dishes and I still make this cabbage pasta fairly often.
    I always first saute 1 yellow onion in oil and caramelize it with a bit of sugar, add the cabbage, salt, vegetable stock and a splash of vinegar and let it cook down until the cabbage gets this beautiful golden color and no liquid is left in my pan. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. Add the pasta of Our choice and Bon Appétit!

  19. Just made this with cauliflower leaves and caramelised onion. Absolutely delicious!

    Thank you!

  20. I was skeptical at first I must admit but tried it anyway and THANK U THIS IS SO GOOD , With many other veggie opportunities.
    I’ve added chopped olives, 1 chopped tomato , subbed the oil for Aquafaba , 1 whole can chickpeas added, 1 clove garlic sautéed, Red onions sautéed in little pure maple syrup , Little bit of nutritional yeast sprinkled to my liking , black pepper as suggested and it’s so addicting, who would have thought!

    1. Hi Angelique, I can understand your scepticism, but trust me, you don’t need to add anything to the original recipe. It just works! Having said that, your tweaks sound fantastic. If you do try it again, go with the three ingredients, and let me know what you think 🙂

    2. We found this very salty -should it be a tablespoon of salt? I cut down on that but the whole family thought it was still very salty. However I will be making this again as it was super easy and delicious. Next time I’ll use spring greens and cook for less time, as it went through a really vibrant stage. I can imagine kale also works well.

      1. Sorry to hear you found this too salty, Ali. I haven’t had any issues with this but it depends on how much salt you like in your food. It does serve 6, so 1 tablespoon for that many serves is normally okay. I would start with half that next time and then salt to taste.