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  1. I mean…like I guess the flavor was there but it fell apart like sand. It was like chocolate sand for me, but I did only wait five minutes for it to cool down. Maybe next time, I’ll wait longer for it to set?

    1. Hi Natalie, the recipe states in step 4 in the instructions to let it cool completely. This is why they fell apart. They will crumble if you try and cut them while warm. If you want to speed up the process, you can let them cool down a bit before letting them set in the fridge. I hope you have better luck next time.

  2. I made these and the flavor was so spot on! I didn’t have compliant chocolate chips at the time so I omitted. However, I found that it fell apart easily. But was still moist if that makes sense. I followed the recipe as written. Any idea why they fell apart so easily? Thank you!

    1. Hi Erika, did you let it cool completely? You could try and refrigerate it before cutting. They can be on the softer side otherwise. That should help keep them together.

  3. I love this recipe!! Thank you so much!! Second time making these brownies. I didn’t have the sugar free chocolate chips so used walnuts and added a tsp more cocoa powder. For the second batch I added a little extra Monk fruit sweetener and I used walnuts and pecans. Hopefully this batch last until Christmas lol. Great addition to my Candida diet 💙

  4. For a person going through a candida diet this is a very nice alternative snack/ dessert! I used munk fruit sugar and only put in 1/2 a cup instead of their 2/3 cup. And instead of using chocolate chips ( which I cant have right now) I used extra coco powder and it still turned out great! Nice and moist!

  5. This is an absolute treat without all the bad stuff! Thank you for creating and sharing.

    I’ve made this two times now and it’s been delicious both times. Today I had an overripe banana so I added that and cut down on the nut butter to around 55g – I appreciate it’s a candida-friendly recipe so the fruit sugar may not work for everyone but did add to the flavour and juiciness. I also added a bit of freshly grated ginger for the health benefits and it worked really well.

  6. OH MY! This recipe is so easy and the brownies turned out awesome! I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder and bittersweet choc chips. Just delicious!

  7. Hi there, I’m allergic to coconut. Do you know what I could use instead of coconut oil? thanks!

    1. I haven’t tried any other oil in these brownies but you could try something like macadamia oil. A neutral candida-friendly (if you’re on that diet) oil should work in place of coconut in the recipe.

    1. If it’s not the liquid variety, it should be fine. I’m just not sure how much you would have to substitute it for as I find stevia tricky to work with. It would have to be less than xylitol. Let me know how you go with it 🙂

  8. Thank god I found you and this recipe otherwise I don’t think I’d have made it through my candida diet. They are DELISH. Thank you x

  9. Can we use organic jaggery instead of xylitol
    Please post answer on my email address only.
    Thanks again.

  10. Thank you for this recipe. I’m on the 10th day of an antifungal diet and was craving a treat. These came out perfect. I halved the recipe out of fear it wouldn’t turn out but it surpassed my expectations. My whole family loved them including the kids. I did use homemade coconut milk which made them extra rich. Thank you again.

  11. I used coconut flour and brown rice flour. It resulted in another flour. Lol. Do you think I could crush it up again and add eggs to make it into something cakey. I could use it as a cereal maybe. Hahaha

  12. I absolutely LOVE these! They are such an indulgent treat on such a restrictive diet.
    Everyone else I’ve offered them to loves them too. They are a constant ‘go to’ for me now even now I’m moving off the diet, so easy and quick to make, Thank you so much!
    I have one question, can they be frozen? I hate waste especially with something so expensive as almond flour, I would love to be able to freeze half of what I make.

    1. So glad you love them, Kate! This is why I had to create something when I was on the diet, I couldn’t find anything out there that satisfied my cravings but that was allowed. I haven’t tried freezing them myself as they don’t last that long in my house. However, I imagine that it should be fine. Please report back and let me know how you go 🙂

  13. Hi, is there anyway you could do the gram measurements? I think i royally messed this up trying to convert the measurements.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m so sorry it wasn’t a success for you! I have just updated the recipe with the measurements for you to try again. They’re worth it! Please let me know how you go the second time around.

  14. I substituted the almond flour for 1/2 a cup coconut flour and 2 eggs. Needed an extra 10 minutes to cook but was amazing! I also added some chopped walnuts.

  15. I just bought monkfruit. Could I use that instead of xylitol? I’ve never baked with either before.

  16. My friend made these for me, as I’m on the candida diet. WHOA. They are unreal and incredibly delicious. Can’t wait to make them myself.

  17. Best brownies I’ve ever had! No feelings of being bogged down which is common when I eat these types of things. And they’re actually healthy (in moderation). Can’t go wrong with this recipe. They are now part of my regular go to list.