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  1. This was easy to make and ended up with a really nice texture. For the two of us, I’ll be using it also to make a sandwich tomorrow (loading it with lots of fresh fixings between the bread). I really appreciate you sharing your recipes.
    The only substitution I made was using oat flour for the buckwheat flour.
    Oh, and because we tend to really like a lot of spice, I doubled the smoked paprika and also added some jerk seasoning 😉
    This is good enough to serve to company by the way.

  2. Great vegan dish! Well seasoned and soft in texture, this is a dish I’d happily serve to my family.

    My modifications that worked fine:
    • I blended 3/4 quick oats into a flour for buckwheat flour substitution
    • I used 2 real eggs to replace the flax egg as I did not have flax available
    •I added the glaze 40 minutes in, or with 20 minutes left on the cook time
    • I used soy sauce

    I pulsed all my veggies and got a much smaller texture than the chef because I was worried of the chunky texture, but I recommend not doing that for more variety in texture

    I noticed it was a tiny bit salty, I believe it came from the soy sauce in the glaze so I’d cut back half a tablespoon or so.

    1. Hi Gen, thanks so much for sharing your modifications and feedback! Yes, soy sauce is saltier than tamari so your intuition sounds like it’s spot on. I should adjust the recipe to reflect that. Thanks again for the review x

    2. That’s helpful, I was worried the strong flavour from both buckwheat and walnuts might be a bit bitter for some people

  3. This was absolutely delicious. I made a quick oat flour from oatmeal and used it instead of buckwheat flour. I also subbed dried herbs for fresh.

    1. So happy you like it, Lynne! Glad to see that you can use buckwheat as well. Would you mind next time leaving a star rating alongside your review? Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. We had this today and it actually tasted great!
    I used rolled oats instead of buckwheat flour and 2 eggs for the flaxseed. Not vegan, I know 😉 I rather used up the eggs that let them go bad.
    Next time I’ll add the glaze only in the last maybe 15 minutes, because it was almost burnt and didn’t taste as good as before.
    As a side we had potato and celeriac mash.
    I’ll definitely make it again!

    1. Hi Simone, I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe. Good point about the glaze. Do you think you’ll try the vegan version in the future? It still tastes delicious, promise 🙂

  5. What do you do with the other half of the lentils? Also when do you add the herbs? Maybe I didn’t see these details on the recipe instructions? Thanks Helen

  6. I’ll be cooking this for a vegan who is also allergic to nuts. What would you suggest to substitute for the walnuts, or shall I simply leave them out?