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  1. This is by far THE BEST vegan lasagna recipe! Since I became a vegan, it was hard to find a recipe which resembles the original dish, but it seems this recipe is the ultimate one. Made it yesterday and it was absolutely delicious! It does require a lot of preparation time if you don’t have a food processor, but I think it’s worth the effort. Thank you a lot for this recipe!

    1. So sorry Gilad that I’m only seeing this now. Thank you so much for the lovely review and I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it 🙂 I always find that it’s worth the effort!

  2. I’ve used my friends rating as she loves this recipe… but can I ask is it at all worth doing the Bechtel recipe when I can’t add oil or another fat? I’m following Dr Caldwell Esselstyns low fat WFPB Diet and adding fats is out of the question except for 1-2 tbsp ground chia or flaxseed….I wondered? can I add water?…thank you

    1. If you’re looking for something without oil, I would try this white sauce recipe instead. It would probably be better for your WFPB diet and will still taste great. You won’t get the nice creamy finish with the stretch like the bechanel but I think you’ll still enjoy it 🙂 I would leave the white sauce off and cover the lasagna and add it about 25 minutes into the baking time. I hope that makes sense and helps 🙂

    2. Best lasagne ever!

      If you’re looking for a vegan lasagne to make,
      this is the one, it was a bit hit with my family.

      The béchamel sauce was very straightforward and delicious. With other recipes I’ve tried I ended up with a lumpy sauce but this one was silky smooth.

      Thank you so much! I really enjoyed making this and I’ll definitely be making it again 😊

  3. SO GOOD! I made 0 modification, it was perfection. I will be bringing this to the thanksgiving dinner.

    I was not a fan of the nutritional yeast cheese sauce / bechamel sauce so I will have to find a cheese substitute that I enjoy better. It was an interesting process making the sauce and I learned from it. I encourage you to try! If you make it and don’t like it, don’t add it to the lasagna bc it is a bit strong in flavor and smell.

    Despite this I still give it 5 stars because it was a delicious and unique meal made from scratch

    1. Thanks, Gen. Yes, nutritional yeast may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You could try just subbing vegan cheese of choice for the nutritional yeast in the bechamel and see how that goes? Make sure it’s a cheese you like the taste of. Depending on where you live, there could still be a limited range of good vegan cheeses that you can pick from. I appreciate your review x

  4. This looks very tasty. A few questions:
    1) Do you need the special noodles that don’t need to be boiled or do regular noodles work? I’m always concerned that there won’t be enough moisture to cook them in the dish.
    2) Any suggestion for what to substitute for the mushrooms?

    1. Hi Mark, I just used any dried lasagna sheets. They don’t need to be special ones. You can swap it out for whatever other vegetable you like. Zucchini/courgettes, red peppers/capsicum, or even eggplant/aubergines would work in this recipe well. It will taste different with them, but it will complement the other flavours. Let me know how you go!

  5. I made this today! Absolutely delish! I love the crispy/browned top with the bechamel! Thank you for the recipe:)

    1. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it, Ian! That part makes it a little bit more indulgent I think 🙂 Thank you for the lovely review!

  6. This lasagna recipe is so simple to make and is so delicious. I never knew a dairy free bechamel could taste so good. The whole family loved it. Highly recommended trying this one.

  7. I think this is the best lasagna recipe i’ve tried out so far! Instead of the béchamel sauce i used hummus but it still turned out great. My family ended up eating it in a day hahah.

  8. Superb!
    I made this lasagna this weekend and it turned out fantastic. Well done! The tapioca trick for the cheesy top effect is a very nice touch.

  9. I made this recipe yesterday and it turned out great. I added white miso to both the ragout and bechamel sauce because I’m adding it to everything nowadays and it tasted really good. Thank you

  10. I made this recipe yesterday and it turned out great. I added white miso to both the ragout and bechamel sauce because I’m adding it to everything nowadays and it tasted really good and comforty, like lasagnas are supposed to do.

  11. Easy and delicious recipe! I modified the sauce slightly, based on what was in my pantry: zucchini instead of mushrooms, and 1/2 red lentils, 1/2 brown. I used uncooked lasagna noodles and covered the pan while it baked—the noodles were fully cooked at the end of the baking time. Also, the leftovers are even tastier a day or two later. Next time I will add a layer of chopped cooked greens.