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  1. Hi! Before I do a test run before Christmas, what is the baking paper in aid of? Do the vegan milk and cream mean it behaves differently than a milk and cream based gratin?

    1. Hi Magnus, the baking paper helps prevent the top from browning too soon as it’s in the oven for 40 minutes. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Just made this, super tasty! Currently cheese is the reason I have trouble going vegan. I seriously did not miss it in this recipe. Great job ?

  3. I really liked this recipe. Unfortunately, the family consensus was that 1tbsp of dried rosemary was unpleasantly overpowering, so perhaps closer to 1tsp or even 1/2 tsp might work? I was very impressed with the creaminess of this dish, was liberal with the garlic, and pleased that overall the potatoes came out beautifully soft! Thank you so much.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you found the rosemary overpowering! I don’t feel that 1 tbsp of it would be too strong and I’ve had plenty of positive feedback on it. However, everyone has different taste preferences. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise 🙂

  4. The flavor on this was so amazing! We kept eating spoonfuls of the sauce before baking it! The recipe is also very simple, but the results are decadent and delicious. I sliced the potatoes by hand and it was easy enough and baked up very well. I plan on making this for guests and holiday meals, too. Super easy, but spectacular results!

  5. Amazing!!
    This was a hit when I made it for Christmas dinner. It was so flavorful especially with the fresh rosemary. I will definitely be making this throughout the year.

  6. This recipe is amazing, still can’t believe the coconut cream doesn’t make this dish taste like coconut! I cut the potatoes by hand, didn’t really pay attention to how “thin” I sliced them, and it was perfect.
    This is a major comfort-food dish and about to become a staple in my home.

  7. In the recipe instructions, you state to slice potatoes to 3cm thickness. Was this to be 3mm instead? Thanks!