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  1. I love cauliflower and this dish is excellent. My husband is not a whole food plant based eater but he often requests this item. We serve it over rice or quinoa and use it as a main dish. We have also used as a side with a lentil loaf or some other main course.

  2. Love this recipe! You can make it in a flash if needing a quick weeknight meal. I did reduce the smoked paprika just a bit. It was a little strong for my palette. We all have different flavor profiles we like. I also usually serve it over some rice or quinoa for a complete meal. 😀😀

  3. This recipe is so delicious and easy to make. I will definitely add it to my line up. Next time I make it, I will be sure to make the loaf on your site to go with it. Thank you!

  4. Loved the recipe but next time will reduce the smoked paprika it was a little strong for my taste. Served this recipe over rice

  5. Hi Maša, I made this last night and it was delicious! !

    I was wondering how runny you intended the sauce to be. I let it bake quite a bit longer, until the sauce had thickened up some more. Maybe next time i will take it out earlier and enjoy a more runny sauce.

    Already looking forward to making this again and experimenting with adding potatoes, pasta and other veggies. Thank you for this deliciousness!

    1. Hi Daphne,

      So glad you enjoyed it!

      It could be that you’re oven runs a little cooler than mine? I like it thick but still runny enough to dip my bread into. You can see it a little more clearly in our video version of this recipe. Hope it helps!

  6. I was looking forward to this cheese-less alternative to my usual cauliflower and cheese casserole but found it too runny and too garlicky! My 10 year olds turned their noses up but I do have one very picky 10 year old. I would add either potato or pasta and lesson the garlic powder for sure!

  7. This recipe is truly outstanding and one of my (and my family’s) favourite recipes. It’s also incredibly flexible. We usually make a double batch and add pasta and veggies. We cook whole wheat macaroni, throwing whatever veggies we’re using into the water the last few minutes the pasta is boiling. This basically turns it into a creamy mac & cheese veggie bake. We most frequently use broccoli and quartered brussel sprouts, although anything works. Sometimes we’ll also add some sauteed, cut up veggie sausages. The leftovers provide lunches at work the next couple days. The beauty of the recipe is its flexibility and it turns out great every time regardless of what you put in it.

      1. I loved this recipe!! So quick, easy and full of flavour. I grated a courgette into it just to add a bit of colour and it worked great. The sauce would be awesome for Mac & cheese too.

  8. Really really good! I added some extra herbs and crunchy onions to the top. I really recommend!! Next time I’ll add some more vegetables to try something new but this was great as it’s written.

    1. Hi Brandon, unfortunately, tahini wouldn’t work. You can try using coconut cream and reduce the amount of water used by about half. You can add a tablespoon of tahini here if you like the flavour. Let me know how you go!

  9. I really enjoyed this recipe. I made it with cauliflower and potatoes the first time. It tastes so decadent and creamy whilst being a healthy dish. I didn’t put in as much salt and suggested because 2000mg per serving is too much (that should be an entire daily limit of sodium). I prefer to add most of the salt after cooking as I find you don’t need to add as much this way.

  10. I made this tonight. After reading the comments I decided to use 2 cups of cashews and 3 cups of water (instead of 4 cups of water to double the original amount). I did double the nutritional yeast too. Theee result was a rich creamy sauce that everyone loved. A keeper as I am introducing more plant based dishes into our family menus.

    Simple but SO good: my husband loved it and we tried it with sweet potatoes added…extra delicious.

  12. I love this dish! I’ve made it twice in a week, thank you! I only used half a head of cauliflower both times so it’s extra creamy.

  13. I’m new to working with nutritional yeast & this dish was delicious. I used a combination of veggies. Great with pasta & rice.

  14. love this recipe so much – I made it with a mix of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and it’s divine! thanks so much!

  15. I made your recipe over the Christmas period and my brother who is not vegan said it was absolutely delicious and the highlight of our Christmas dishes. I loved it too…thank you. I actually made double the sauce and poured that over which turned out great. Thank you for a fabulous recipe.

  16. I believe nutritional yeast is not the best for ibs. Is there an alternative? How will leaving it our affect the recipe.

  17. Don’t skip the salt!! Otherwise it’s way too bland. Unfortunately I learned that the hard way & had to smother it in buffalo sauce to eat it… But honestly I liked it that way!!

    1. Hi April, thanks for your feedback. We didn’t specify how much salt to add to the sauce as everyone has different pallets. It also depends on what salt you use. I’ve updated the ingredients to include 1-2 tsp of salt as a foundation.

  18. I love this recipe as it keeps my cravings for all things cheese at bay. I’m in my late fifties and went vegan about a year ago. I’ve always been interested in vegetarianism but didn’t have the courage to follow my own convictions. Then whilst on a retreat I met a wonderful vegan lady who said to me if you can be happy and healthy and not harm another living being then why wouldn’t you? I’m loving being vegan and wish I’d done it years ago. So if there’s anyone out there who thinks that they’re too old to change remember anything is possible! The only cravings I get are for an occasional piece of cheese so I’m so happy you posted this recipe it’s really delicious and hits that cheesy spot that I seem to have. Thanks I love your blog!!!

  19. Inspired and with a cauliflower already in the fridge, I ran out and purchased the yeast (at first getting yeast levure and having to return it) and the garlic powder and set to work. I added potatoes. When the sauce was bubbling I took the dish out but it was a bit disappointing in that the color was rather brown and unappetising and the sauce stuck to the bottom of the pyrex dish and was too solid. And what was that about lining up the florets in single file? I lined them up in a line down the middle of the pan but eventually had to double them up a bit!

    1. Hi Judy, I’m sorry to hear of your experience. Did you blend the ingredients well in the blender and add enough water? I’m not too sure without being there where it could have gone wrong but it sounds like either it wasn’t enough water and salt added. Did you use the nutritional yeast?

  20. I love your Slow Sunday Morning newsletters in my inbox and I’m impressed with the positive community you have built. Keep the content coming. I find it relevant and interesting. I’m always looking for ways to fit minimalism and veganism into a busy lifestyle.

  21. This looks great!

    Should the cashews be soaked first? It seems like that’s the usual step in cashew cream sauces. Does it make a difference?