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  1. Made this for my family and it was a big hit! Will definitely make again. I added a beyond meat sausage crumbled up, but the recipe would be just as good without it I think – the taste and creaminess of the cashew sauce really makes it.

  2. This is the 3rd recipe I’ve made from the Minimalist Vegan site and they keep getting better every time!! Is wonderful to have such reliable recipes with simple methods and ingredients. Put this one together in a giant cast-iron skillet and it looked so beautiful!! The pasta at the bottom got a bit crispy the 2nd time I tried but in my opinion that actually made it even tastier. 10/10!

  3. Maša, I made a dish similar to yours a few weeks ago. It was delicious. You are correct about red bell peppers in pasta sauce. They are tasty.

    One request for dessert recipes is notation when the recipe can be halved or quartered. I’m cutting back on the number of desserts eaten per week, and don’t want to be tempted by that seventh or eighth serving. Smaller dessert recipes are also good when your aren’t sure you’ll like the taste or when the ingredients are expensive. Thanks!