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  1. It was gross, it didn’t call for sugar and I didn’t think to put some in. I feel so badly leaving a bad review, it is extremely seldom that do this but I don’t want anyone else to waste their time making this only to throw it all away.

    1. Hi Mel, I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t like these. Did you add the chocolate to the batter? I didn’t add sugar because the chocolate adds sweetness to the pancakes. Did you follow the recipe exactly? I’ve had plenty of great feedback on this recipe and I’ve made it plenty of times so I’m not sure why they didn’t turn out for you. Was it just the sweetness that wasn’t working for you?

  2. I adore these!! They’re delicious and super filling!! I always half the mixture to make three medium thickness pancakes for myself lol. Totally delicious and filling. I like to serve mine with vegan dark chocolate spread

  3. It tastes AMAZING!!! It calls for way too few chocolate chips. I doubled or maybe tripled the chocolate chips in the recipe.

  4. I used a gluten free baking mix and made waffles. Then I topped with warm raspberry preserves. YUMMY!!!!! Thanks for a great recipe:)

  5. Hello, these pancakes look so good!! Can’t wait to try them! Only thing, at the moment I’m not allowed to have normal flour, do you think the recipe would do even with wholewheat flour? Thank you so much!

      1. Hello, I tried them in the end, it went fine even with wholemeal flour! Only thing, they were a bit dry… should I put more coconut oil? Thank you for the help!

  6. haha, the first thing I thought when I saw the title was: “well this is probably not going to work without a non-stick frying pan” I hate those things for the exact same reasons as you plus they are throwaway items, a steel/iron/stainless steel pan will last forever if you don’t let it get run over by a truck… so much nicer. i will definitely try those! thank you

      1. Thank you! I will check it;) Because I haven’t found a good one yet. Maybe this one survives my cooking 😉