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    1. Sorry to hear, they should definitely be cooked in the 25 minute window. A couple of questions. How big did you chop them? Did you add salt or stock to the stew while they were cooking?

  1. We made this for dinner last night. It was SO easy to make, and tasted SO wonderful. We’ll make this meal often. Favorite new recipe for sure!

      1. Hi, can you suggest anything I can exchange the coconut milk with?
        Could I use soy milk or maybe some blended cashews….Im new to this type of cuisine so any advice would be greatly appreciated

        1. Hi Joy,
          Hmmm…I haven’t tried it with anything else myself, but you could try some unsweetened soy milk with 1-2 tablespoons of cashews, blended. Alternatively, if you have access to soy cream (we don’t here in Aus), use that instead. Let me know how you go!

  2. Eating this right now! Very nice. The only thing that’s missing is when to add the ginger 😉