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  1. Made this today in my slow cooker. So nice to come home after a long 10 hour work day and have a warm bowl of stew waiting! Awesome recipe! Thanks

  2. Just yesterday I made a version of “refrigerator lentil soup”: brown lentils, sautéed onion and garlic and mushrooms, a can of tomatoes, a couple of chopped carrots, some finely chopped cabbage, over brown rice. I used oregano and parsley to flavor, but thyme and bay sounds great — I’ll try it next time!

  3. This is precisely the way Greek people make lentil soup and I, too, have had it all my life. I’ve only ever used water, not stock, and it’s the most nourishing, nutritious meal. Some people soak the lentils first, some don’t. Some people boil the lentils in a little water for a minute in a small pot and strain them before adding to the soup. I’ve never sautéed the onions before, but I’ll try it. I sometimes cook the soup with very little oil and drizzle a little more oil over it when it’s plated. It gives it a slightly different flavour. For those who are vegetarian, a little feta cheese (and a few olives) on the side with this soup is wonderful.