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  1. Loved this recipe, already shared with friends and family, we really enjoyed it. thank you 🙂

  2. I have not yet made this, but it looks delicious ( I don’t like tahini at all and it’s not that healthy, so I will sub ginger dressing.)

    To those who are substituting brown rice or other rice for red rice, I’d encourage you to try it with red rice when you can. Red rice and black rice are AMAZING tasting with much more flavor than other types of rice. Really worth trying! Nice recipe and thank you.

    1. Hi Heidi, I love your passion for red rice. And I agree, it’s so tasty! Sure, tahini can be polarising that way. We personally love it, although it’s easy to overdo. Thanks for leaving a comment, and if you do try this recipe, please be sure to leave a review 🙂

  3. I made this today! With some tweaks. Red rice was overpriced at my supermarket, and I had long grain brown rice coming out of my ears so I subbed that, and it still tastes great! I couldn’t find tahini at my supermarket, which is a huge bummer, but I had sesame oil instead and used a 1:1 sesame and olive oil dressing plus the lemon juice, and that wonderful nutty flavor still came through. Excellent dish, thank you for the fresh ideas!

  4. I use a simplified version of this dressing (just tahini and lemon juice) over steamed vegies – tahini is a high-fat product so I leave out any addition fats (oils) as I don’t find they are necessary. The salad sounds delicious, especially with the addition of walnuts.