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  1. This dressing is fantastic!!! We used it in cabbage, carrot, kale, walnut and craisin salad/slaw and it was so delicious!!! My husband kept going back for more and more salad and raved about the dressing (he was a chef too!)

  2. This dressing is super quick and easy to make. And delicious! Thanks for the tip about using garlic powder instead of fresh garlic to tone it down a little. I plan to use this dressing on our falafel Buddha bowls this evening!

    1. Hi, I mentioned earlier in the post that maple syrup will help to offset the bitterness. Just add ½ teaspoon more and increase if you find it still too strong. You can also add the same amount of lemon juice (½ teaspoon). The other trick is to add more water as unhulled tahini tends to be thicker. I hope that helps!

  3. I just made this as a dressing for Buddha bowls I will be making for work lunch. Absolutely delicious! I have never had tahini before but felt adventurous today. I might add sriracha because I do enjoy spicy foods, but for now it is perfect the way it is. Thank you for this recipe!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Maria! You’re welcome 🙂 You can add some chilli powder as well if you like a bit of heat. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating alongside your review? Star ratings really help us and readers who are thinking of making the recipe. Thank you!

  4. Reading this recipe. If you want to make it Asian to omit the cumin and salt. But I don’t see cumin in the ingredients. Is it supposed to be there.