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  1. Awesome to find an already-vegan recipe for these! How would I go about substituting the coconut sugar? Coconut sugar isn’t hard to find, I just don’t have any right now haha. Would ground up raw sugar be the best alternative? I know plain white sugar on its own wouldn’t give the same caramelly-ness. White sugar mixed with s bit of mollases?

  2. Made these today, and they came out perfectly, thanks for sharing. I used a gnocchi board, fork, measuring spoon for pattern making. I’m going to get a set of old timey salt and pepper shakers for next time because your pattern was the coolest

  3. Brilliant recipe! Thank you! It’s simply perfect. Does not taste gluten free or vegan at all; it tastes like the real speculoos cookies that I remember from years ago. Delicious!

  4. Thanks for the recipe! I want to do it but I do not have vegan butter where I live. Do you have a recipe for it or what could I replace it with? Thank you!

    1. Hi Paula, I’m sorry, I don’t have a recipe for vegan butter but I’ve heard great things about Myokos vegan butter. Here’s her recipe, but I’m not sure if it will work as I’ve never tried it. You can also try using softened coconut oil. That may work! Let me know how they turn out 🙂

  5. I’ve been dairy and wheat free for two decades and a vegan now for 6 weeks. Not only has it be cathartic, I am delighted and grateful for your recipes.
    Regarding minimalism I left Australia (though I’m a Kiwi) with two suitcases three years ago (I admit to having a few boxes in storage) yes, we need little and there have been only a couple of items I have bought new, everything I need comes from a charity store and the food I now buy is almost all organic.
    Ngā mihi nui 🙂

  6. Reminiscent of Years We lived in Belgium!
    So happy to have found this recipe. Can’t wait to try! Getting ingredients together now, can’t believe I have them all, lol . Wish I could save by pinning recipe.