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  1. I usually hate it when people change recipes before they try original howeer
    er l didn’t have any coconut milk so I omitted that and added 3 scrambled eggs after cooking scramble for about 15 min and although not vegan it was soo good .! Will def try again w the coconut milk but this was awesome .

  2. I made this tofu scramble for a small family gathering and everyone loved it. I doubled the recipe and since it wouldn’t all fit into my big frying pan, I put everything except the spinach and mushrooms in there. I sautéed the mushrooms separately and added them along with the raw spinach after the tofu-onion mixture cooked down a bit, just long enough to wilt the spinach and warm up the mushrooms. Great flavor and perfect texture – not too liquid-y at all! Thank you for the recipe!

  3. This tasted pretty good, but as a previous reviewer mentioned, I would not call this frying, but more like boiling or simmering. The addition of the cup of coconut milk, even thick full-fat coconut milk from the can made this every liquid and it took some time for the liquid to be absorbed, evaporate and get to a consistency for tofu scramble as I have had it before. I had a nice flavor. I added sliced carrots to mine. I also added some sliced bake potato to absorb some of the flavorful liquid.

  4. Just made this – cut the recipe in half for two servings. It was delicious and I will definitely be making it regularly. I had oyster mushrooms so used those and it was perfect in every way. Served it with warm rosemary focaccia.

    1. Yeah, the coconut milk makes it super creamy! For sure, we often add greens, or whatever veg we have in our fridge. If you do try this version, come back and let us know what you think 🙂

  5. Update: since I can’t edit my last comment

    I cooked this forever and actually removed half perhaps my frying pan wasn’t big enough and then much of the liquid did absorb or evaporate. Still didn’t ’fry’ as I was expecting (some crunchy or crispy). Definitely has good flavor. I like spicy foods but this was a bit too much pepper for me. Next time I would add the pepper a little at a time. But ultimately this is a recipe well done. Thanks

    1. Hi Gail, I’m so glad the scramble eventually worked out for you. You’ve made a good point regarding the frying pan size. I’ll be sure to update the instructions to make that part clearer. Quite often, I use a large non-stick pot to make tofu scramble (like a curry) as I’m usually cooking it for lots of people. Cheers, Michael.

  6. Way too much liquid. Are used a cup of coconut milk quarter cup oil and a quarter cup soy sauce even if I was over by a tiny bit this is not frying this is boiling

  7. Love tofu scramble, looking forward to trying your recipe! I’ve never added plant milk to it before.

    Also, I’m not sure if you can control this because maybe it’s my browser cookies, but on this page I get an ad for the organic milk co. butter :/ maybe they’re targeting vegan websites somehow.